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Torah Portion: Vay’yikra


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This is a teaching on the parsha Vay’yikra – “And He called.” This sidrah shows how the book of Leviticus – the instructions to the priests – is a logical and necessary continuation of the revelation given at Sinai. These voluntary offerings taught the people of Israel how they were to approach the Almighty that He might continue to dwell in their midst. This teaching emphasizes the tutor aspect of the sacrificial system, specifically, in that the Giver of Life did not desire blood as means of satisfying His anger but, to the contrary, desired to see who of His people were willing to submit themselves to His will and draw near unto their God. The blood was not to satiate a cruel God’s bloodlust but was lovingly and mercifully given to man upon the altar as “atonement for your soul.” Some of the teaching highlights include:

  • The korban and its relationship to Adam.
  • The voluntary offerings and the call to be a son.
  • The offering for Ha’Kohen ha’Mashiach.
  • Much more!

(Approximately 2 hours)


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