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Torah Portion: Behaalotcha


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This is Bill’s commentary on the torah portion, Beha’alotcha or “when you kindle.” In this portion, the Torah teaches of the consecration of the Levi’im(Levites) as they assume the position of the “firstborn” of Israel. Like the priests they had to be consecrated that they might “safeguard” the sanctuary and serve the people of Israel. We also learn of the Pesach sheni (second Passover) and its possible connection to a second exodus. Yet, most notable in this portion is the murmuring against Moses instigated by the “mixed multitude” and the subsequent lust for the food of Egypt. As a result we see that the Creator sometimes gives His people what they want but in order that they might discover that it was not what they needed. Blessings! (Approximately 90 minutes).


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