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Torah Portion: Emor


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This is Bill’s commentary on the Torah portion Emor – “say.” This torah portion addresses, primarily, the priests and their responsibility to maintain higher standards of purity because of their unique position. From how they are allowed to mourn to who to marry, the instructions given to the priests suggest their lives were ones of extreme abstinence. Yet, to be holy means to be “set apart” and those who are to approach the Creator – including the offerings presented Him – must be uncontaminated and devoid of blemish. In this portion we also see the responsibility placed upon the nation of Israel to sanctify the Name of the Creator among the nation and among their own people. One of the ways Israel was to be set apart was to observe the moedim (appointed times) of the Creator, the first mentioned being the weekly Shabbat. Some of the highlights include:

  • Why David was permitted to eat the shewbread.
  • The relationship between emor and the omer.
  • The importance of sanctifying His Name.

(Approximately 75 minutes)


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