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Torah Portion – Acharei Mot


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This is Bill’s teaching commentary on the Torah portion Acharei Mot – “After the death.” This portion begins what is regarded as lev ha’torah (the heart of the Torah) and emphasizes how the Creator is to be approached and uses the death of Aaron’s sons to make the point that it must not be done “at all times.” Beginning with the procedures on the Day of Atonement in Leviticus 16, this sidrah addresses the importance of holiness and how we, as His people, are not to profane but sanctify His name among the nations. In the section pertaining to Yom Kippur we see patterns for events that would transpire when Y’shua offered Himself as the sacrifice for and bearer of our sins. Furthermore, in chapters 17 and 18, the portion details the concepts of the pollution of idols, the sanctity of blood and forbidden relationships – all principles addressed in the letter sent from Jerusalem to the new believers in Acts 15. In this we see that James did not choose directives for non-Jews arbitrarily but went to the very heart of the Torah. Highlights in this teaching include:

  • Parallels between the Yom Kippur service and the suffering of the Messiah.
  • Two he-goats of Yom Kippur and the two Y’shuas before Pilate.
  • Pollution of idols and its connection to Esau.
  • How this portion inspired the letter of Acts 15.
  • The holiness of the land of Israel.

Hope you enjoy. (Approximately 80 minutes)


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