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On the Road with Bill – TX


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Shalom! In this teaching, Bill visits one of his favorite places in the U.S. – the “Alamo City” – to speak at the annual “Days of Elijah” Conference. This contains two messages. The first, “Remember the Torah,” explores the role of Elijah the Prophet in the last days and specifically, his message to RETURN! Bill also shows that in the last days, there are those who come in the “Spirit and Power of Elijah” with the mandate to call all of God’s people to “Remember the Torah of Moses.” The second message, “The Hidden Ones,” focuses on the prophecy of Psalm 83. This Psalm names the enemies of Israel who, in the last days, seek to wipe Israel off the map. Additionally, these same adversaries consult with one another against God’s “Hidden Ones.” In this teaching, Bill offers clues to their identity and, moreover, discusses their end time mission.


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