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Torah Portion: Tazriah


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This is Bill’s commentary on the Torah portion Tazriah – “Conceive.” In the previous Torah portion, Scripture details the animals that are not considered to be food and whose carcass defiles God’s people. This portion focuses on the contamination that results from what comes from humans whether through childbirth or as a consequence of tzarat – “leprosy.” Rather than what we consider leprosy, tzarat may be something entirely different than a simple skin disease. Scriptural evidence strongly suggests that tzarat is a physical manifestation of a spiritual condition which rabbinical sources suggest is the sin of lashon ha’ra (evil speech) and slander. Through this and previous portions, we see that the Father stresses the importance of distinguishing between holy and profane, clean and unclean. Some of the highlights are:

  • How physical things reveal spiritual things.
  • What is revealed through the Hebrew spelling of tzarat.
  • The distinctions between leprosy and tzarat.
  • Much more!

Hope you enjoy. (Approximately 60 minutes)


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