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On the Road with Bill – MO


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Bill visit the “Gateway City” and delivers one of his most popular messages – The Coming Famine of Amos 8. In Part one, “Give Us Our Daily Bread,” Bill discusses the famine for hearing the Word of God and how it will come about. Bill also shows that God allows famine to teach us that, more than physical bread, the Word of God is what we truly need. This teaching will demonstrate that those who remain true to the Word of God will be extremely valuable in the last days. In part two, “Return of the Killer Bees,” Bill continues the discussion of famine and teaches about the so-called “Killer Bees,” how they are becoming a real threat to American agriculture and offers insight into their prophetic significant. Bill also reveals how locusts have played a role in past famines and what this may portend for the world in the last days.


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