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Torah Portion – Tzav


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This is Bill’s commentary on the Torah portion Tzav (“Command”). This sidrahaddresses the priests and gives instruction concerning the offerings brought by the people as well as the tamid (perpetual) offering. These chapters essentially constitute a “how to” manual for the priests in how they were perform their duties. This teaching emphasizes certain concepts found in this portion including the principle of “holy foods” and their ability to cause something that comes in contact with them to be deemed holy. Bill also explores the rabbinic belief that the thanksgiving offering will be an eternal sacrifice and compares that to passages which suggest sacrifices will be made during the Messianic era. Other highlights include:

  • The altar fires and how it represents Israel’s mandate to be a Light to the Nations.
  • A comparison between Moses’ and Y’shua’s inauguration of their disciples.
  • How the name Moses hints at Mashiach.

(Approximately 55 minutes)


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