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Good Morning.

Now Dinah the daughter of Leah, whom she had borne to Jacob, went out to see the daughters of the land (Genesis 34:1)

Just after overcoming the crisis with Laban and then with Esau, Jacob encountered  another trying situation. His young daughter was violated by a very prominent Amorite man. Jewish commentary says the Hebrew word used to describe him as a Hittite is also a word that means “serpentine” — in other words, he was very crafty. That, of course, suggests he seduced her into a compromising situation.

But how is it that Dinah found herself in this situation in the first place? The Bible says that she went out “to see” which is a Hebrew idiomatic expression that suggests she went out “to make friends” with others. That, in turn, suggests she went out to “mingle” with the people of the land. The Samaritan texts even adds this phrase — “and to be seen. ” The point is that her interest in the people of the land, though innocent as it seems, placed her in a potentially bad environment.

Some commentators suggest her actions violated the code of conduct for that time. We do know that God continually warns His people not to mix and mingle with the people of the land. That is not to say that the abduction and subsequent rape were Dinah’s fault — her brothers made sure to make that point. However, it is to say that bad things can happen to us when we are in places we shouldn’t be. Lot was in the wrong place at wrong time and it cost him many family members, even though he was spared.

We need to be careful not to let our curiosities have too much influence in our life. Those curiosities and interests outside of what we know to be right can be quite destructive  and, as we see in the events that unfolded after Dinah’s misfortune, can have far reaching ramifications for others. So then, let us keep our eyes on Messiah and allow Him to lead us into those places and situations that are in compliance with His will.

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