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Torah Portions
Torah Portions
Torah Portion - Tzav (Vayikra 6:8 - 8:36)

Where the previous torah portion addressed the people of Israel and the instructions of where and how they were to present their offerings, this sidrah addressed the priests and how they were perform their duties. These chapters essentially constitute a “how to” manual for the priests where these offerings are concerned.

Some of the specifics of this teaching include the principle of “holy foods” and their ability to cause something that comes in contact with them to be deemed holy as well. I also look at the rabbinic belief that, among all the offerings, the todah or “thanksgiving” offering is considered to be supreme as well as eternal. I also compare Moses’ humility, specifically when he washed Aaron and his sons, with that of Y’shua when He humbled himself to wash the feet of His disciples. Hope you enjoy.

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