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Torah Portion: Shoftim


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This is Bill’s audio commentary on the portion, shoftim or “judges.” This portion establishes the status, qualifications and responsibilities of the officers and leaders of Israel: judges, the king, priests and the prophets. Though most people are trained to believe we shouldn’t judge one another, the Scripture makes it clear that we actually should, albeit according to standards set forth in the Torah. In this portion, the Torah also establishes the purpose of the Sanhedrin and the responsibility to regard the judgments of those God has set over His people. At the same time, we also see that His people have a responsibility, when forced to choose between man’s laws and God’s law, to “obey God rather than man.” Other issues discussed:

  • Moses’ prophecy of “a prophet like unto me.”
  • How men are likened to trees.
  • The danger of tampering with boundaries.
  • Much more.

(Approximately 2 hrs.)


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