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I Will Rule Over You


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This teaching is based largely upon Ezekiel 20 and is intended to show how those things the Father told the elders of Israel so long ago pertain to His people living in this time. If you enjoyed the “Pharaoh Who Knew Not Joseph,” then you will want to follow that up with this new featured message. In Ezekiel 20, the Father was alerting those of His people who wanted to mix and mingle with the cultures in which they resided that He was no longer going to allow them to get away with that type of thinking. As a loving but firm Father, He told them, “I will rule over you.” In this message, you will see that we are the time of our visitation and, like those who lived in Egypt long ago, our Father is compelling us to rid ourselves of the idols of Egypt. In the end, He will get His way one way or the other.


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