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Torah Portion – Metzora


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This is Bill’s teaching commentary on the Torah portion Metzora – “Leper.” In this portion the unique requirements for the cleansing of the metzora are detailed and it is these procedures that attracts our attention. Traditionally, no Israeli male had ever offered the gifts that Moses prescribed and, thus, the instructions given by Y’shua to the cleansed leper (Mark 1) says more than we have imagined. Also included in this teaching are the “emissions” from humans that render ritual contamination. Of special interest is the fact this describes what the woman with the “issue of blood” suffered with for twelve years. Her healing meant that she was no longer considered unclean and could, once again, be permitted to enter “His courts with praise.” Ultimately, we see in this portion that we all are unclean and only Y’shua can cleanse us from our filthiness. (Approximately 60 minutes)


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