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Torah Portion – Massei


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This is Bill’s commentary on the final portion of B’midbarMassei – “journeys.” This portion gives an overview of Israel’s journeys through the wilderness, from the departure from Egypt until the encampment on the plains of Moav. More than being a historical record, each encampment also implies a spiritual lesson. In this portion, Bill highlights a few of those. Also included in this portion are instructions to Israel to drive out all the inhabitants of Canaan, again affirming the necessity for Israel to remove from their midst every corrupting influence. As a “set apart people” we too are to understand that, if we fail to set ourselves apart from the world, the world will set us apart from them. If it comes to that, however, it does not fare well for Israel. Perhaps this hints at why cities of refuge are also included in this portion. Much more! Approximately 60 minutes.


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