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End Time Observation: Why the Glory Departed


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This is a teaching recorded during one of our Yeshivat HaShoresh sessions. Based on 1 Samuel, this teaching compares the story of the Ark’s capture and the demise of the tabernacle at Shiloh to current self-destructive trends within the Body today. The apathy of Eli the High Priest and the blatant disregard of his sons for the holiness of the tabernacle all culminated in the departure of God’s presence. Without His presence, the tabernacle, the furnishings and all that it represented was of no value. Considering the dramatic pattern is liable to repeat itself, the question to us is: “How long before the unthinkable happens again?” Yet, before He brought down the house of Eli, He had a Samuel (the one who hears God) waiting in the wings. (Approximately 60 minutes).


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