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Wheat And Tares


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Recorded live in Chicago, IL, this teaching series traces the enmity that has existed between the Woman’s Seed and the seed of the serpent since the garden to this very day. This teaching shows how the opposition between the good and bad seeds has manifested in many personalities: Cain and Abel, Ishmael and Isaac, Esau and Jacob. Furthermore, based on those past conflicts, we better understand why present conflicts are taking shape; both seeds are beginning to produce their respective fruit. This teaching also demonstrates how the parable of the wheat and tares provides a summary of human history from the beginning to the end of the age. You will also learn:

Why God conceals things, words and people.
The identity of Abraham’s seed.
The principle of the Third Day.
The identity and purpose of the “sons of God.”
Much more.
Approximately six hours of teaching!

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