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Torah and the Believer CD Set


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Is the Torah obsolete? Is it Law or instruction? Why should a believer in Messiah even be interested? If I keep one, don’t I have to observe all of them?

These are the types of questions I am asked over and over. I trust that you will find the answers to many of these and other related issues in this series. Each message is intended to address the typical questions that arise in the minds of those who have been trained to think that the Messiah did away with the Torah. Using Scripture, this series actually explains that the Messiah not only advocated following the Torah, but that He is, in fact, the One who wrote it.

Topics include:
Torah: The Tree of Life
Written and Oral Torah
Essential Torah from the New Testament
How and why I Should Observe
The Weighter Matters of Torah
But What About Paul?
What’s in a Name? (2-parts)
Laws of the Bondservant
You Are What You Eat

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