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The Pharaoh that Knew not Joseph


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Since the fall of 2008, America has undergone significant changes that have left many feeling as if they do not recognize their country any longer. Many are deeply concerned about the future ramifications of these developments and want to know what God is saying through the financial and political upheaval. In this series, Bill will show that certain current events are a reflection of something that has already happened in the beginning. The bailouts, the global crisis and the change in political climate have all happened before. More importantly, the reason for these things is the time is drawing near for the promise God made to Abraham to come to pass (Acts 7:17). That God’s purposes are coming to pass is why there must arise a “Pharaoh who knew not Joseph.” In this series you will learn:

The parallels between today’s crisis and the global famine of Joseph’s day.
What it means to be a Hebrew.
Why a new king arose over Egypt.
The hidden meaning of “Pharaoh.”
How his policies insured the Exodus from Egypt.
Much more.

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