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Returning To Our Roots Collection Vol. 2


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Grab your Bible and get your pen and notepad and dive into the Word of God with Bill Cloud. These video teachings are guaranteed to get you to think and provoke you to study the scriptures with a renewed fervency.

Approx. 16 Hours

Disc 1: Hear And Obey
Disc 2: Law Of The Bondservant (Part 1)
Disc 3: Law Of The Bondservant (Part 2)
Disc 4: Weightier Matters Of Torah
Disc 5: Keeping The Commands
Disc 6: Essential Torah For Believers
Disc 7: Wheat and Tares
Disc 8: Two Opposing Seeds
Disc 9: Brother Against Brother
Disc 10: The Serpent’s Seed
Disc 11: Seed Of The Woman
Disc 12: PDF Data Disc

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