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Bill Cloud Live – Chattanooga, TN


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“Whatever I command you, be careful to observe it; you shall not add to it nor take away from it.” (Deut 12:32)

In this DVD presentation – “Eating From the Tree of Good and Evil” – Bill discusses the importance of the Restoration of all things and, in particular, the need to restore the purity of the Word of God to the Body. In the beginning, the Adversary sought to steal, kill and destroy by adding to and taking away from the Word and enticing mankind to partake of a deadly “mixed fruit.” Unfortunately, mankind succumbed and has propagated this mixed fruit throughout history so well that, today, most believers don’t believe that all of God’s Word is for them. In short, we removed God’s commands and added our traditions. The end result has been an incomplete truth, better yet, we are still eating from the Tree of Good and Evil. Bill argues that, in the end of days, it is the obligation of God’s people to restore His truths to their proper place. So much more including:

The distinctions between linear and cyclical thinking (thanks Brad!)
The Hebrew letter samekh and its validation of prophetic cycles.
How mankind manipulates physical seed (GMOs) and its impact on prophecy.
How suffering precedes the Restoration.
Much more!

Recorded at the Perry Stone Fall Campmeeting, Chattanooga, TN (Oct 2008)

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