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America: The Beginning of the End?


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In this two hour teaching we explore what is going on in American society and politics and compare it to what the Founders envisioned. We also take a look at some highlights in American history to see if we can ascertain what the Father envisioned when He providentially raised up this nation to be an end-time superpower. In the end we see that, for His purposes to come to pass, our purpose must come to an end. In this teaching we discuss:
 The myth of democracy
 What the Founders had to say about the Republic
 How the Laodicean and Philadelphian congregations relate to America’s history.
 The Constitution and the Torah.
 What the present Administration plans for America.
 Much more.

This teaching is also available for purchase for $9.00 in a downloadable mp3 format from our digital store.

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