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Torah Portions
Torah Portions
Torah Portion - Shelach L'cha (B'midbar 13:1-15:41)

This is our d’rash (commentary) on the torah portion, shelach l’cha or “send for yourself.” In this portion, Israel is at the threshold of crossing into the land of Canaan. However, an expedition of twelve scouts intended to discover how to take the land turned into an evil report that concluded, “we are unable to take the land.” As a result, the conquest of Canaan was delayed by almost forty years.

In this torah portion we also learn how this ominous day proved to be a day of mourning and lamentation for future generations as well for tradition says this day was 9 Av. Yet, we also learn that God always has someone who goes against the grain of popular opinion as we see with Caleb and Joshua – the only two men of their generation to cross over into Canaan.

Also contained in this sidrah are the laws concerning the tzitzit (“fringes”). In this commandment we see the necessity to gaze upon that which the Creator has given us to do rather than gaze upon the giants in the land. Much more! I hope you enjoy.

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