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16 Kislev — Following God and Leaving People

15 Kislev — It’s Time To Revolt!

It was on this day in 167 B. C. that an altar dedicated to Zeus Olympus was set up by Athenus the Syrian, the man in charge of public worship. This particular action led to the conflict that would result in the Feast of Dedication, known as Hanukkah. How did it come...
16 Kislev — Following God and Leaving People

14 Kislev — To All The Firstborn

Today is considered to be the birthday of Jacob’s oldest son, Reuben. In Scripture a lot of emphasis is placed on the supremacy of firstborns, but a lot of times what we see in firstborns is not so flattering. They’re not always exposed to us in the best light. At the...

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