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You shall not sacrifice to the Lord your God a bull or sheep which has any blemish or defect, for that is an abomination to the Lord your God. (Deuteronomy 17:1)

As we come into a new chapter, let us consider the logical progression of the commands that follow those that speak of justice and righteousness. It is important to remember that “righteousness” and “justice” are the foundation of God’s Kingdom, therefore, these attributes must be found in all that pertains to the Kingdom of God. If proper justice and righteousness sustains the integrity of God’s House, then it must be present within all that occurs in His House. Viewed within the context of this particular passage, if the people were to pervert justice and lose sight of their call to be holy, they might be tempted to sacrifice improper or tainted sacrifices — an abomination to God.

Perversion of justice, in any matter large or small, has the potential to lead to a greater breakdown in the holiness of God’s people. Let’s face it, it is our tendency, as humans, to sacrifice integrity and what is right in deference to what is easier and more appealing to us and others. To forsake holiness in the smallest of matters betrays the fact that our spiritual keenness has been dulled, and in time, we will present to a Holy God those things that seem good in our eyes but which are an affront to Him.

What might those tainted things be considering we don’t bring Him bulls and lambs to be sacrificed on an altar? I would recommend that many who profess Him as God, nevertheless, propagate profane and dangerous doctrines that He would deem unacceptable. It is my view that there are far too many who disseminate a mixed message and belief among the Body, all the time, insisting that their doctrine is right and, moreover, the will of God. If that resonates with you, then you must consider it your duty, as a follower of Messiah, to faithfully uphold righteousness and justice as God defines it. Doing things God’s way is seldom easy and almost always in contradiction with what appeals to the masses. Nevertheless, He is holy and has called us to be holy as well. So then, let us be diligent that in whatever we offer unto Him, it is deemed acceptable in His sight.

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