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It was on this day in 1943 that Berlin was declared Judenrein or “free of Jews” This policy of ridding communities of Jews eventually spread throughout Nazi-occupied Europe and resulted in  the deaths of millions.

Over 75 years later, people have convinced themselves that what took place in Germany could never happen again, and certainly couldn’t happen in America. However consider that with every passing day, we see more and more militant and so-called “progressive” groups protesting against Israel. The groups I’m referring are not in the Gaza Strip, not even in the Middle East, but are in Washington D.C. and other towns across the United States. 

While promoting themselves as tolerant and peaceful, these groups – like Code Pink –  condemn Israel as an oppressive apartheid state, aligning themselves with the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah, even referring to them as brothers. Even past officials in the US government have suggested that Israel was becoming an apartheid state because they wouldn’t accept the world’s terms for peace with the Palestinians. The point is that, right now, disdain for Israel is growing and it won’t stop with the Jews in Israel. Eventually the hatred for Israel will spill over into a hatred for anyone who identifies with the God of Israel. According to Psalm 83: 

Do not keep silent, O God! Do not hold Your peace, and do not be still, O God! For behold, Your  enemies make a tumult; and those who hate You have lifted up their head. They have taken crafty counsel against Your people, and consulted together against Your hidden ones. (Psalm 83:1-3)

In reality, the people who are calling for the destruction of Israel are God’s enemies. It’s just that they can’t do anything to God and so they direct their hate toward God’s people. As things continue to deteriorate around the world, a scapegoat will be needed and, chances are, Israel will become that scapegoat. But again, it won’t just be the Jews who live in Israel but will include anyone who aligns themselves with the God of Israel and lives according to His Word. 

Here’s what we need to do, today: Let’s go ahead and fight the battle about who we’re going to serve. Let’s determine, today, that we are not going to cave in to the demands of culture and “tolerant” society, We need to determine, today, to stand for His justice, not social justice. And in spite of the incredible pressure that is going to come, let us determine that “as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.” 


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