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Good Morning.

Now the man Moses was very humble, more than all men who were on the face of the earth. (Numbers 12:3)

In the previous devotion, we spoke of the fact that God hears what we say, and especially when we speak against His purpose and people. Apparently, something was going on between Miriam and Moses’ Ethiopian wife that provoked Miriam to say what she did against Moses. My point is, it seems logical to presume that Moses was aware of what was going on and probably heard about what was said. However, he doesn’t feel the need to defend himself, and that might be due to his incredible humility and meekness.

There are many in this world who refuse to exhibit any kind of humility because they mistakenly feel that meekness equates to weakness. They posture themselves in such a way that defies any sense of vulnerability, presenting themselves as strong and impenetrable. However, Moses’ meekness did not cause him to shrink away from the confrontation with Pharaoh who, at the time, was the most powerful man on earth. No, rather than weakness, the meek and humble person determines to do what is right in God’s eyes even when they are made to appear as vulnerable. In my mind to do such requires a great deal of courage and, more importantly, an incredible amount of confidence in our Creator.

Consider that it was Moses who spoke to God “face to face” and who received His Law written with the fiery finger of God. If there was ever a human being who could be tempted to crow it was Moses — but he didn’t. He didn’t think too highly of himself and neither should we. So as we strive to follow God, we must do so with humility. As we walk out our faith before men it should not be with pomp and circumstance but as humble servants to God and our fellows. Remember, Messiah said that the meek would “inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5) and so it is in our best interests to be submissive to God’s will and  live humbly before all men.

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