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Good Morning.

They gathered together against Moses and Aaron, and said to them, “You take too much upon yourselves, for all the congregation is holy, every one of them, and the Lord is among them. Why then do you exalt yourselves above the assembly of the Lord?” (Numbers 16:3)

Before we move on there is another important lesson to learn from Korah and his ill-fated rebellion — the importance of recognizing that God has set some apart for a unique purpose. For instance, Moses was set apart from those (Israel) who had been set apart from the nations. It is not to say that he was better than anyone but that he had been chosen to do a certain thing that set him apart from those chosen to do other tasks. Korah failed to see this and, on top of that, feigned concern for the people against the alleged tyranny of Moses.

It is true that the entire congregation was holy but it is also true that Moses had been called to lead the people, frankly, against his will. In other words, Moses did not exalt himself in this way — God exalted him to this position. While Korah was quick to acknowledge the communal holiness of the nation, he conveniently avoided the individual holiness of people. In this way, like Nimrod before him, he postured himself to speak for the good of the people against God’s purpose. In the case of Nimrod, he compelled the people to gather together and build a city in defiance of God’s instruction to spread out over the earth. Similarly, Korah compelled the people to gather around him in order to counter God’s plan with a way that best suited them.

There is never a shortage of people who have a “better way” of doing things or those who excel as arm chair quarterbacks. However, when it comes to the Kingdom, we have to believe that God knows what He is doing when He chooses those He places in leadership. They aren’t any better or any less than the next person, it is just that they have a different function in God’s overall plan. We all need to respect that and act accordingly lest we be labeled a rebel. And if we serve in some type of leadership, we need to remember that we represent God to others and, therefore, should humbly lead by example even when we are opposed by the Korahs of this world. That is exactly why God chose a man such as Moses and why our Messiah instructed us to lead by serving. It’s a challenge to say the least, but the rewards are beyond comprehension.

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