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It was on this day, in 1940, that Italian warplanes bombed Tel Aviv, a non-military target. 

Why is it that the enemies of Israel consistently try to kill civilians? In the Gulf War of 1990, Saddam Hussein ordered Scud Missile attacks on Tel Aviv, striking random, non-military targets. Recall how the intifada spawned multiple suicide bombers who went into restaurants and hotels to  indiscriminately murder men, women and children. Very often these aggressors do not distinguish between military and non-military targets. It seems that it really doesn’t matter to them who is killed as long as they’re Israeli. In consideration of this, let us go to the Scripture to see where this hatred comes from:

“Do not keep silent, O God! Do not hold be speechless, and be not still, O God! For lo, Your enemies roar; and those who hate You have lifted up their head. They take shrewd counsel against Your people, and plot against Your hidden ones. They have said, ‘Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, so that the name of Israel may be remembered no more.’ For with one heart they have plotted together; they have made a covenant against You.” (Psalm 83:1-5)

The Bible tells us that this hatred for Israeli men, women and children is actually born out of a hatred for the God of Israel. Because they hate the God of Israel, these wicked men focus their attacks on His people. It has been this way throughout history because, from the very beginning, the Adversary has targeted God’s people. It is the Adversary who wishes to ensure that the name of Israel is to be no more. And why? It has everything to do with the prophecy given in Genesis 3:15 which said the Seed of the woman would place His heel on the head of the serpent. The “seed of the woman” is understood, ultimately, to speak of the Messiah but it is also understood to refer to those who in Messiah — those who are the “seed of Abraham.” According to Yeshua, the Body of Messiah has been given the authority to trample on scorpions and serpents (Luke 10:19), alluding to what was spoken in the Genesis 3:15 prophecy. It seems clear that the Adversary is intimidated by Israel because they have been given the authority to step on his head. So, from the beginning, his plan has been to destroy them before he is destroyed.

We have been given the authority to trample on scorpions and serpents, which is to say that we have the authority, in Messiah, to overcome the Adversary. However, when we’re not doing what we’re supposed to be doing — when we’re not behaving as salt and light — the Adversary can trample upon us. This fact should cause us to evaluate our commitment to the Messiah and whether or not we have been walking in obedience to Him. The Adversary is already motivated to destroy us; we certainly don’t need to make it easier for him. 

Intense hatred for God’s people is, once again, rearing its head. We need to realize where this is  coming from and the objective is our destruction. Knowing that the Adversary will do all that is in his power to come against us should provoke us to stand up and do what we’ve been placed here to do. If we are in Him and walking in obedience to Him, then we have the authority to overcome the Adversary. That’s true for the individual as well as the corporate Body. 

If you’re being attacked, today; if it seems that the Adversary is coming against you in every possible way, first of all evaluate some things. If need be, confess faults to our Father and turn from those things that would give the Adversary an opening into your life. When we do this, we can be empowered to overcome the Adversary today, tomorrow and until He returns. 


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