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It was on this day, in 1942, that a group of Jewish refugees who had fled to Vichy, France were rounded up by Nazi collaborators. This part of France was supposed to be free of Nazi occupation, but even without their actual presence, their influence was still felt. This concept is true with the Adversary, as well. Even though Satan isn’t omnipresent — he can’t be everywhere at all times — his influence can be everywhere.

The Adversary doesn’t show up with horns, wearing a red suit and carrying a pitchfork but performs his works of evil, most often, in the shadows. He comes as an angel of light, in other words posing as something that he is not, because appearing as something “good” allows him to operate undetected. Again, just because we don’t detect him doesn’t mean that his influence isn’t there. When you see God’s people under attack, it’s a pretty good indicator that his influence is at work in the lives of evil collaborators. 

America is supposed to be a nation under God. But in today’s world, more and more of God’s people in America are being attacked. What does that tell us? Even though America claims to be “one nation under God,” we have to conclude that the Adversary’s presence is very much at work here, whether it seems obvious or not. But at the same time, we know that the Creator, though we don’t always detect Him, is always present in every situation. And unlike the Adversary, He is omnipresent — He’s everywhere at all times. That is important for us to hang onto, today, because those who know Him are called to be His instruments in this dark world. We are those through whom He works to influence others and impact this world. In short, He is always present in this world because His people are in this world. 

And so today, let us determine to be those instruments He uses. Let us be the ones through whom He works to positively impact the lives of others so that they, too, may feel His presence and His influence. 


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