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Good Morning.

Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them: “The feasts of the Lord, which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations, these are My feasts.” (Leviticus 23:2)

When it comes to the Biblical feasts such as Passover or the Feast of Trumpets, there is a widely held misconception that these are “Jewish feasts.” While it is true that our Jewish friends have the been the ones to observe these feasts throughout the centuries, the reality is that these are not “Jewish feasts.” The Jews have observed these holy days because they are appointed times established by the Creator — He refers to them as “My feasts.”

In the beginning when God created the sun, moon and stars, He said they were to be for “signs and seasons” (Genesis 1:14). The Hebrew word translated as “seasons” is מעדים moedim and is literally translated as “appointed times.” In Jewish thought that is to say the feasts to which the Creator referred to as His feasts. The point is that, in the beginning, God established certain times of the year that His people were to gather and commune with Him.

If the President or some other dignitary sent you a notice stating that they would like to meet with you at a certain place on a certain day, I’m pretty sure that most of us would rearrange our schedule to make the appointment. Should it not also be so with the Sovereign of the Universe? Should we not want to make these appointed times that He has established since the beginning?

In the Messiah, we can meet with Him daily and should make time to commune with Him through prayer and contemplation. Still, I think it behooves us to make the effort to learn of and then respect these special times that He calls “My feasts.” In the end, they teach us of the One sent into the world “in the fulness of time” to redeem us and bring us into the family of faith.

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