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Good Morning.

And you shall take fine flour and bake twelve cakes with it. … You shall set them in two rows, six in a row, on the pure gold table before the Lord (Leviticus 24:5-6)

This is, of course, referring to the shewbread, or a better translation would be “the bread of the face (Presence).” These twelve cakes of bread were baked fresh each week and renewed every Sabbath. Those that were removed from the table were distributed among the priests as food to be eaten in a holy place. This process (for lack of a better term) is described as being an “eternal covenant.” which begs the question, “What is God desiring that we should learn from this that has eternal attributes?”

Let’s consider this possibility: because work was forbidden on Shabbat, this practice saw to it that the priests would be fed without having to worry about where the food would come from — God had already provided it. We see this same principle demonstrated to the whole nation in the daily manna. Each day, God gave them just what they needed for that day with the exception of the sixth day. On that day, He gave them a double portion so that they would not be compelled to go out of their tents to work and profane the Sabbath. In short, Israel didn’t have to worry about their daily bread.

I will suggest that this is the eternal covenant being referred to — our God cares for us and has committed to providing our daily bread. In return, He asks us to respect His instructions. The Messiah alludes to this principle when He told His disciples not to be worried about  what they would eat or what they would wear. As He said, “Life is more than food” and that we should not be anxious for these things even though we are more often than not.

Nevertheless, let us contemplate that, long before any of us were ever born, He established an eternal covenant whereby those who minister to Him and contend for His Kingdom will never lack for provision. As Messiah said, “Your Father knows that you need these things. But seek the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you” (Luke 12:31)..

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