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Good Morning.

Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: “On the first day of the first month you shall set up the tabernacle of the tent of meeting.” (Exodus 40:1-2)

As we shared in yesterday’s devotional, the first day of the first month, in Hebrew reckoning, is 1 Aviv. The word אביב aviv is typically translated as “spring” but is derived from the idea of barley that begins to ripen. In other words, it is connected to the concept of sowing and reaping – a seed is placed in the ground and then it begins to grow. In this particular case, when the barley begins to ripen, it is considered to be the initial sign that the season is changing from winter to spring. This is the calendar day that the children of Israel began to set up the Sanctuary, and frankly, that is not coincidental.

As we have shared before, the Sanctuary was the fruition of God’s desire to have a people and to be able to dwell among them. The seed for this was first planted “in the beginning” and came to light with the planting of a garden in Eden. Later, God brought Israel out of Egyptian bondage and spoke His Word to them at Mount Sinai in the Hebrew month called Sivan. In a manner of speaking, the events at Sinai amount to God planting a seed in His people because, as we know, the Word of God is likened unto a seed (Mark 4).

Interestingly, nine months after receiving the seed at Sinai would bring us to the month called Aviv. So, in the same time it takes a child to be conceived and then delivered, God’s Word to them germinated within them until it was manifested when His presence filled the Sanctuary and resided among them.

This same principle can be seen in the life of any believer — God speaks into our spirit and His purpose is conceived. At the appropriate and pre-ordained time, that which He has impregnated us with begins to bear its fruit. Perhaps the most dramatic example of this is to be manifest when we, who have been born again of the Incorruptible Seed, will be transformed from mortal to immortal — from corruptible to incorruptible — and be as He is. In that day, we will be like Him and will see Him “as He is” and His purpose determined from the beginning will come to pass. What a glorious day it will be when the spirit man within us springs up in eternal life to dwell with our Maker forever and always.

Blessings and Shalom,  




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