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Good Morning.

And upon its hem you shall make pomegranates of blue, purple, and scarlet, all around its hem, and bells of gold between them all around. … And it shall be upon Aaron when he ministers, and its sound will be heard when he goes into the holy place before the Lord and when he comes out, that he may not die. (Exodus 28:33, 35)

Upon the hem of the High Priest’s robe were fastened a combination of 72 golden bells and linen pomegranates. As we have mentioned preciously, the gold speaks of God’s Kingship. The colors of the pomegranates remind us of what the Sanctuary’s function truly was — a meeting place for God and man, heaven and earth, to come together. It was the High Priest who mediated between the two and, consequently, he was set apart in every way imaginable, including his dress. And because he was the one who was authorized and expected to approach God, it was only logical that, before entering the King’s chamber, he would announce his approach — hence the bells.

Traditionally, the bells served primarily to announce the High Priest’s entrance into the Holy Place and the Most Holy on Yom Kippur. However, there were other times he would be required to enter the Holy Place, sometimes on a daily basis and, so again, in accordance with protocol, he wore the bells and pomegranates that their sound might be heard.

This reminds us that our God is not only our loving heavenly Father but He is also our King. As King He is worthy of respect, honor and awe meaning that we aren’t to barge into His Presence with demands. Yes, we may boldly approach the Throne of Grace but not flippantly and irreverently; we should always follow the protocol in consideration that we are coming before a Holy God. When Esther went before the king unannounced, she did so boldly but not without respect. Likewise, as we look to our heavenly Father for guidance, assistance and sustenance let us always remember that our Father is the King of the Universe. He is worthy of our respect.

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