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Good Morning.

“You shall set bounds for the people all around, saying, ‘Take heed to yourselves that you do not go up to the mountain or touch its base. Whoever touches the mountain shall surely be put to death.'” (Exodus 19:12)

What had been just a desert mountain comprised of earth and rock was transformed into a holy place when the Presence of its Creator touched it. In essence, Mount Sinai became a temporary Sanctuary when God descended upon it in fire. Therefore, like the Sanctuary that would house His Presence in the wilderness, boundaries had to be established that limited how close people were allowed to get to God. This was so important that a warning was issued that any unauthorized person who ignored those boundaries was subject to death. 

Why would God do such a thing? On the surface, it seems a bit rigid but we must understand that He was not being cold and calloused but maintaining standards of holiness. Because our God is holy, nothing profane or unclean is to be permitted in His Presence. To accentuate the point, later on the Levites were instructed to encamp around the Sanctuary to safeguard against anyone unwittingly or ignorantly polluting the Holy Place and, therefore, risking death. 

The point is, then twofold: God will not allow His Holiness to be compromised and yet He desires to have a relationship with His people who have been compromised and tainted with sin. Therefore, those boundaries were not so much for the Almighty’s benefit as much as they were for the benefit and protection of the people. And so it is with the other instructions God has given us; those commands that establish boundaries as to how we are to live life. They are not given to us for His benefit but for ours — that we may live an abundant life. 

It behooves us then, to respect and appreciate the boundaries and guidelines He has given us in His Word. It is not just a bunch of dos and don’ts intended to kill our joy. His Word is a guidebook gifted to us by a loving Father who shows us the way that brings us closer to Him. He is holy and He has called for us to be holy that we may be one with Him. He sent His Son to demonstrate to us that there is only one way that leads to this end. Let us determine to follow Messiah, abide by His Word and respect the boundaries He establishes in our life — it is for our own good.

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