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Good Morning.

And Moses spoke before the Lord, saying, “The children of Israel have not heeded me. How then shall Pharaoh heed me, for I am of uncircumcised lips?” (Exodus 6:12)

Under the impression that, because of what happened before, Israel would never listen to him, Moses complained that Pharaoh would certainly not listen to him. No doubt Pharaoh must have felt that he had the upper hand, especially considering that he had successfully pitted the Hebrew elders against Moses and Aaron. Add to that Moses’ concern for his inability to speak powerfully, it was a daunting task before him and one he would probably have liked to run away from.

Nevertheless, God charged Moses with delivering the message to Pharaoh and to the Hebrews. He gave him the words to say where both were concerned and how he was to say. As for Israel, Moses had to be patient, understanding and resolute. With Pharaoh, he had to be forthright but still respectful of the position Pharaoh held. In both cases, he had to be true to God’s plan and instruction.

Following God and obeying His Word is never easy; in fact, it is the hardest thing we will ever do because it goes against everything that is within us as — that is, our will. It is especially hard when you feel that what God has called you do is going against what everyone else — including your kin — thinks is best. In the process, we are stretched beyond what we feel we are capable of so that we will discover that God is to be trusted for the impossible. There is only so much we can do in our own power but we can do all things through Messiah who strengthens us. So we must persevere and press toward the mark believing that God will do the impossible. And when He does, don’t neglect to give Him thanks and all the glory.

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