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Good Morning.

“I have waited for your salvation, O Lord!” (Genesis 49:18)

At the end of Jacob’s blessing upon Dan, he said something very interesting —“I have waited for your salvation, O Lord.” It is understood in rabbinical sources that Jacob was alluding to something that would occur at the end of days, or at the very least, far into the future from Jacob’s point of view. The Hebrew word translated as “waited” is a word that actually means to look for something with great hope and anticipation. Thus, his words speak of a longing to see the ultimate redemption and deliverance that is possible only by the hand of God.

Now couple that with the fact that the Hebrew word translated as “salvation” is yeshua. This word also serves as a Hebrew name and, as most now realize, is the name of the Messiah, the One many call Jesus. In other words, Jacob was longing for the salvation that would be accomplished through Yeshua the Messiah. As he foretold of the things that would occur in relation to his sons and their offspring, he interjected his longing for the salvation that would come to his family in the end.

Those of us who have the perspective to know that Yeshua has come, nevertheless, long for the same thing. As we consider all that is occurring in our world and how the prophecies of old are coming to pass, we too long to see God’s salvation and deliverance. The challenge given to us is to persevere in spite of the pressures that are mounting in these last days, knowing that those who “endure to the end” will see that salvation. You might even say that, thousands of years ago, Jacob was considering what you and I would have to go through now and that’s why he said, “I am waiting (hoping) for your salvation.” And so, in that spirit, let us all say, “Even so, come Lord Yeshua.”

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