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Then he sent Judah before him to Joseph, to point out before him the way to Goshen. And they came to the land of Goshen. (Genesis 46:28)

Throughout the Scripture we see that Judah almost always leads the way, whether during the wanderings in the wilderness or going down into Egypt. In this case, Jacob sends the one who’s name means “praise” to find out where in Goshen they were to live. Looking beyond the surface of the text, there is a hint at what Judah was to do in regard to the family of Jacob throughout all time. 

The Hebrew word translated here as “to point out” comes from the root word yarah. This word means, “to show” or “to direct.” Jacob send Judah ahead of the others in order that he might point out the direction they were to travel in once they arrived in Egypt.  Furthermore, the word yarah connects the idea of pointing someone to go in a certain direction with teaching others the proper way to live. In fact, from this root word is derived the word torah. Most often this word is translated as “law” but is better rendered “instruction.” For this reason, rabbinical commentary teaches that Jacob sent Judah ahead into Goshen, not only to lead the family to their destination, but also to establish a house of study. This interpretation was to reinforce the idea that, even though they would be living in a foreign land, the people of Israel were still charged with the responsibility of living a set-apart lifestyle. They were not to learn the way of the Egyptians but to continue in the ways of the Almighty. 

That responsibility has not abated with time; as God’s people we are still challenged to live in a way that pleases our Heavenly Father regardless of the way culture says we should live. God’s Word — His instructions — point the way we are to walk and how we are to navigate life’s journey. By studying and living according to His Word, we demonstrate that we are committed to living a set-apart life even if in the midst of anarch and godlessness. In the days ahead, staying committed to this purpose will become increasingly difficult as the pressures of a wayward society come to bare. Culture will demand compliance with their standards but we must be resolute and stay the course. Be strong and of good courage; the LORD our God is with us!

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