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Good Morning.

It came to pass at that time that Judah departed from his brothers, and visited a certain Adullamite whose name was Hirah. And Judah saw there a daughter of a certain Canaanite whose name was Shua, and he married her and went in to her. (Genesis 38:1-2)

It is interesting to consider the juxtaposition between Judah and Joseph because they are the two principals in Jacob’s family. From Judah comes the tribe that will lead Israel, producing the line of King David and the Messiah. On the other hand, Joseph — the one who suffered at the hands of his brethren — was given the birthright which was passed on through his son, Ephraim. And so we see that, subsequent to Judah’s betrayal of Joseph, he descended into a time of trouble. 

In fact the Hebrew word translated here as “departed” literally means “descended.” After Joseph is rejected and sent away into Egypt, Judah marries a Canaanite women — something that his fathers would not have approved — and later becomes entangled in the affair with Tamar. Thus the Bible draws a contrast between Judah’s failure and Joseph’s virtue. Both were tempted by women; Joseph resisted the temptation but Judah did not.

Prophetically speaking, the descendant of Judah would repeat this error when they collectively rejected the One sent to them as their King. In rejecting Yeshua the people of Judah descended into a time of great trouble which continues unto this very day. However, again prophetically speaking, it will be a time of trouble that will bring Judah back to their King and to their estranged brothers — the followers of Messiah. As in the story of Joseph, the King of Kings will reveal His true identity to those who rejected Him. 

In the meantime, may we be His vessels that broker reconciliation between those who have been separated and allow His glory to shine in and through our lives. Furthermore, let us be diligent to resist any temptation that would lure us away from the path our King has assigned us to walk. If we have, in times past, fallen into a time of trouble because of errant choices, take hope in the fact that our King is merciful and gracious and quick to forgive and restore. Let us do likewise with those He brings into our lives.

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