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Good Morning.

“Now therefore, let Pharaoh select a discerning and wise man, and set him over the land of Egypt (Genesis 41:33)

Because the meaning behind the dreams affected the affairs of state, the dreams were given to the head of state — Pharaoh. But because the matter was from God, the dreams  had to be interpreted by God’s man – not pagan wizards. Moreover, with this statement we see that Joseph, not only provided Pharaoh with the interpretation of his dreams, but also presented him with advice on how to handle the situation. Perhaps he was motivated by the spirit of prophecy to do this seeing that the impending situation was dire. Put simply, because the coming famine would ravage the land, steps needed to be taken immediately.

According to the Bible, Joseph’s recommendations on how to address the impending crisis “pleased Pharaoh and all his servants” (Genesis 41:37). It was then left to Pharaoh to decide who was wise enough to understand HOW to do these things: how much food to store and how much to sell. It had to be someone wise enough to know how to store the food and prevent loss. Though Joseph never offered himself as the one to do this, Joseph’s practicability is evident and I believe that Joseph knows that. Yet, he must have thought that for a young, foreign slave to be put in such a position was just impossible. 

But with God, “all things are possible” regardless of culture and politics. When God moved upon the heart of Pharaoh, the boundaries that man had imposed were overcome. Pharaoh rightfully concluded that this young Hebrew slave was discreet, wise and, most importantly, full of the the Spirit of God. Consequently, he took the proper and God-ordained step to release Joseph from prison and elevate him to power. 

May it be that God will move upon the hearts of our rulers and those over us to allow those who are full of the Spirit of God to fulfill their God-ordained destiny. May we do our duty in preparing ourselves to be called upon in these last days. May it be that God demonstrates, once again, that what we view as impossible is possible. 

Blessings and Shalom,  




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