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Good Morning. 

And Esau said, “Now let me leave with you some of the people who are with me.” But he said, “What need is there? Let me find favor in the sight of my lord.” So Esau returned that day on his way to Seir. (Genesis 33:15-16)

When Jacob declined Esau’s invitation to travel with him, Esau followed it up with another, rather strange, request. He wanted to leave some of his people behind with Jacob’s people. To that Jacob more or less replied, “Why? What purpose would that serve?” Indeed — what purpose would that have served?

Knowing Esau’s spiritual inclinations, it suggests that he wanted to leave people with Jacob’s family in the same way the enemy wants to sow tares in the midst of the wheat field (Matthew 13). This tactic of mixing bad with good has always been the Adversary’s primary way of keeping God’s people off balance and threatened with corruptible influences. In the garden Satan seduced the woman with a deadly fruit from the tree of “good and evil.” It was a mixed multitude that, so often, negatively influenced Israel in the wilderness. The mixture of hot and cold is what Messiah finds so distasteful about Laodicea to the point that He said He would vomit them from His mouth.

The point is this: be careful who and what you allow to come into your life and your family’s life — especially your children. What can seem to be so innocent and unassuming just might be the influence that wrecks your life as you know it. We mustn’t think that, just because everyone else is doing it, or buying it, or trying it, that we must bring it into our lives. Use discernment and be on guard; the wicked device the enemy wishes you to embrace will always have a pretty face.

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