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Good Morning.

And Israel said to Joseph, “Are not your brothers feeding the flock in Shechem? Come, I will send you to them.” So he said to him, “Here I am.” Then he said to him, “Please go and see if it is well with your brothers and well with the flocks, and bring back word to me.” So he sent him out of the Valley of Hebron, and he went to Shechem. (Genesis 37:13-14)

Notice that the Bible records that it is Israel (not Jacob) that sends Joseph on this fateful journey. Perhaps this is to imply that a great spiritual matter was about to be carried out. Joseph’s journey will ultimately lead him into Egypt, never again to dwell in the land of Canaan. However, his journey helps to set the stage for one of the greatest events in human history –- the Exodus from Egypt. 

On the surface, it seems that Jacob puts Joseph in a bad situation, no doubt knowing of the animosity that exists between his sons. On the other hand, Joseph consents to this task knowing full well that he is walking into a volatile situation, in fact, he said, “Hineni” – “Here I am.” Considering that Joseph’s story is a foreshadowing of the Messiah, then we can see what is taking shape in this account. The Heavenly Father sent His Son on a fateful journey knowing that His brethren will hate him and wish to get rid of Him. Yet like Joseph, the Son, fully aware of the situation consents to go on this mission without delay. In fact, Luke’s Gospel tells us that He was steadfast in His resolve to do the Father’s will.

Now it came to pass, when the time had come for Him to be received up, that He steadfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem. (Luke 9:51)

As His followers, we are challenged to take up our cross and follow Him. In other words, we too must be steadfast in our resolve to do the Father’s will in and through our lives. Sometimes that means we must consent to go into a situation that we know to be uncomfortable and possibly volatile. However, we can be assured that whatever He asks us to do, in the end, it is for our own good and for the benefit of others. So when He calls upon us to perform His will may it be that our response is always, “Hineni” — “Here I am. Send me.”

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