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Good Morning. 

Then Isaac his father answered and said to him: “Behold, your dwelling shall be of the fatness of the earth, and of the dew of heaven from above. By your sword you shall live, and you shall serve your brother; and it shall come to pass, when you become restless, that you shall break his yoke from your neck.” (Genesis 27:39-40)

In response to Esau’s request for a blessing, Isaac informs him that “I have made him (Jacob) lord over you.” Yet Isaac does, in fact, pronounce this prophecy over his oldest son: Esau will wield a sword and not a shepherd’s staff and will be subject unto his younger brother until such a time that he becomes “restless.” Other translations render this as, “When you break loose” or “When you are aggrieved.” So what does this mean?

Think back to the prophecy that was given to their mother, Rebekah. Before they were born, she was told that “one shall be stronger than the other” meaning one or the other will always be stronger than the other. If one ascends in power the other must decline but, in the end, the older would serve the younger. In Isaac’s prophecy over Esau, he implies that if Jacob were to walk in disobedience, Esau would have reason to become “restless” or “aggrieved” and be given the opportunity to rise over him. In other words, when Jacob was not worthy of the blessing and birthright, Esau would “break loose.” Through use of his sword, Esau would become a chastening rod.

What happens when salt is not being salty? According to Messiah it is tossed into the street and is trampled underfoot by men. Perhaps those men are those who have sought  the opportunity to trample upon God’s people. Given the situation in our present world, it would easy to make the case that, by and large, “Esau” has broken loose and is trying to trample upon God’s people. The wicked are telling the righteous what we can and cannot do with an alarming success and, sadly, without much of a pushback from the Body of Messiah.

If this is the case then it would suggest that “Jacob” is not walking worthy of the birthright and the blessing. So then, what is the remedy? We must repent of our faults, turn from the ways that lead to destruction and rise up and resist the efforts of the enemy to silence us. When we walk in obedience to our Master we deny “Esau” the opportunity to lord over us. We must be strong in the LORD and forcefully take the message of the Kingdom into this world and put our enemy under our heel.

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