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Ministry Update from Bill 

Shalom everyone. I trust that everyone is doing well and pray that your week has been peaceful and prosperous. As for us, its been another busy and event-filled time. I wanted to take a few moments and let you know what’s going on with Shoreshim Ministries, the Clouds and Jacob’s Tent.

Shoreshim Ministries or Jacob’s Tent?

First of all, I wanted to try and clear up any lingering confusion about what the launch of Jacob’s Tent means for Shoreshim Ministries: in short, it has no ill effects. In other words, we will continue to run Shoreshim Ministries just as we have for the last twenty years. The only difference will be that I won’t be traveling as I have in the past. I will still be producing teaching resources for our website and web store (four new teachings are in the process of being edited right now) as well as making blog posts each day.

Some have asked about their premium subscription to our site and/or their gifts to Shoreshim as to whether or not that is distinguished from Jacob’s Tent. Put simply, your subscription supports Shoreshim Ministries. Your other gifts, unless specified for Jacob’s Tent, support Shoreshim Ministries. Furthermore, we want to encourage everyone to continue supporting Shoreshim with your subscriptions and gifts. Frankly, we need everyone to continue supporting Shoreshim because this is our sole source of income. That, in turn, makes it possible for us to be at home and direct Jacob’s Tent.

If your desire is to support Jacob’s Tent, you may send gifts to 114 Stuart Rd. PMB 431, Cleveland, TN 37312, made payable to “Jacob’s Tent.” Currently, online donations for the congregation can only be made at www.billcloud.com/donate/ with the comment “Jacob’s Tent.” We are currently developing a website exclusively for Jacob’s Tent which will provide opportunity for you to give to the congregation online. Hopefully, this eventual separation will remove any confusion about the two. To summarize: Shoreshim Ministries is not Jacob’s Tent and Jacob’s Tent is not Shoreshim Ministries even though Beth and I are directing both. If you have any further questions about the matter, please let us know.

Update on the Fellowship

Where the congregation is concerned, as of July 20th, we are meeting every Shabbat at 11 AM. We meet at 151 Inman St. E in Cleveland, TN with praise and worship, a message from yours truly and a time of food and fellowship. Afterwards, we convene for an informal discussion about the day’s topic and other Biblical interests.

As usual, we LiveStream for those who can’t be with us in person. You can catch the LiveStream on our Facebook page and on our YouTube channel. Soon we will include a Jacob’s Tent Facebook page for you to join so that we can continue to distinguish the congregation from Shoreshim Ministries.

Also, where our Streamers are concerned, we hope that you will consider supporting our efforts by liking, sharing and praying for our LiveStream events. Furthermore, we want you to prayerfully consider supporting this outreach with your finances. Doing the LiveStream is not without its expenses, in fact, it costs about $1250 monthly and that doesn’t include equipment. Where the equipment is concerned, so far, we have been able to beg and borrow in order to get the job done. Soon, however, we will have to bite the bullet and buy a couple of cameras in order to continue the LiveStream. We anticipate that this is going to cost somewhere between $7,000 – $8,000. That’s a lot of money to most of us but is minimal when it comes to quality AV equipment.

This is where all of you are being blessed by the LiveStream can really help. Our area congregants have been very generous and have gone above and beyond to make Jacob’s Tent a reality. Taking that into consideration, I think it is appropriate to come to our LiveStream audience and ask that you consider helping us in this regard. Several of you have responded and we are thankful for you. We hope that many more of you who have a willing heart will respond to the need.

In that vein, you should know that we have consulted with a CPA and have filed the necessary paperwork to be recognized as a congregation known as Jacob’s Tent. It is also our intention to take measures that would allow you to report your gift to Jacob’s Tent as “tax deductible.” That specific paperwork has not been filed yet but, since several of you have been asking, I wanted to let you know what we are intending to do. VERY IMPORTANT: This pertains to Jacob’s Tent ONLY. It does not pertain to Shoreshim Ministries.

If you wish to send a check, make it payable to Jacob’s Tent and mail to: 114 Stuart Rd. PMB 431, Cleveland, TN 37312. Thank you for your consideration as we move forward.

Sukkot 2019!

For the very first time, Beth and I, along with our family at Jacob’s Tent, will be hosting a Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) gathering. We have set up a website where you can register and book a RV/Tent site or a cabin/lodge room. There is limited availability and is first come, first served. Your registration will require a deposit. Upon registering, we will contact you with more information and the balance which must be paid by September 30, 2019. If you are interested in celebrating Sukkot with the Clouds and our family at Jacob’s Tent, go to this link: https://jacobs-tent-sukkot-2019.eventbrite.com.

If you have questions, you can call us at 423.559.1177 or email beth@billcloud.org, but you must book your reservation online at the link above. No reservations will be taken over the phone. Thanks for understanding.

A Great Big “Thank You”

As I’ve said may times before, Beth and I deeply appreciate all of you who contact us to offer your words of encouragement and for those who support this ministry with their giving. Please know that we thank God for each and every one of you.

Blessings and Shalom, 

Bill & Beth

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