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Greetings friends.

Once again, I hope that everyone is doing well and that you and your family are healthy and happy.

Shabbat Celebration

Our next Shabbat celebration will be tomorrow, April 6, at 2:00 PM in Cleveland, TN. Brandon and Melody will be back with us, leading in praise and worship and I will be sharing another message with you. Once again, we are meeting at The Dwelling Place, located on Urbane Rd just past OCI on the left, for those of you familiar with the area (complete details are at www.billcloud.com). We hope that many of you will be able to join us for the service and the fellowship. If you can’t be there in person, make sure to join us online for the Livestream, available on our Facebook page and on our YouTube channel.

Brandon has informed me that he feels confident that our audio gremlins have been expelled and that everyone should be able to enjoy the service without any issues (I certainly hope so). We are working very hard to improve the Livestream experience as  best we can and do hope that many of you from out of state will be able to make our service part of your Sabbath experience. If you are enjoying the services online and are so inclined, you can support our efforts by making a one-time or recurring gift at www.billcloud.com/donate or by texting “GIVE” to (615) 823-8827. Obviously, there are no requirements to join the Livestream, but we would truly appreciate your assistance.

Your prayer support is also needed. We are actively looking for a permanent meeting place and the need is getting to be critical. Although the folks at the Dwelling Place have been wonderful to us, our current situation is not sustainable for what we wish to do. So we are trusting that the Father will show us the next step in this journey and bring us to the perfect location. We really need to find something more permanent very soon (in fact, by Passover) and so we would greatly appreciate your prayers in this matter. If you are so led, consider helping us be prepared to make this move financially.

Passover Is Coming!

On Friday, April 19th, Beth and I, along with Brandon and Melody, will host our first ever community Passover Seder. We will celebrate together at the Athens Regional Convention Center in Athens TN. We will begin at 6:00 PM on Erev Shabbat with praise and worship, led by Brandon and Melody followed by the seder and the meal. Dinner will be professionally catered and all the elements, including a Haggadah, will be provided. Tickets must be purchased in order to attend and are available at www.billcloud.com. We can accommodate up to 200 people and must have a final count by April 15 so don’t delay in obtaining your family’s ticket – time is running out!

On Saturday, April 20, we will host our Shabbat Celebration at the same location in Athens, TN and begin at 11:00 AM. We will break for lunch around 1:00 (refrigeration will not be available and remember, unleavened bread only please). We will resume our meeting at 2:30 PM and will continue until the evening. Tickets are not required for the Shabbat Celebration and you don’t have to be at the Seder to join us on Shabbat. Hope to see you there.

New Teaching Resources Coming Soon

In the next few weeks we will be posting brand new video teachings on our website. The first one, “Messianic Birth Pains,” will likely be online by the end of next week and others will follow throughout the month of April. If you are a Premium Partner, be looking for these soon. If you’re not a Premium Partner, please consider becoming one today – this is the most efficient and immediate way to help us fund the ministry. If that is not in your budget, you can sign up for a Gleaning Corner subscription which costs you nothing while giving you access to hundreds of hours of teaching. Go to www.billcloud.com and sign up today.

Also, these new teachings should be available on DVD by the end of April and may be purchased on our web store. We are excited about these new resources and hope that you will all enjoy them. Some of the other titles are “One In Messiah: The Restoration of All Things” “In the Footsteps of Abraham: From Babylon to Moriah” and “In the Beginning, Volume 2: The Purpose of Man.” Additionally, we have filmed some other teachings that will be released later in the summer including an updated version of “The Joseph Factor” that we are calling “I Am Joseph” and a series that we are calling “Hebrew Helper.”

We are excited about the new material we are preparing for you and other additions that we are planning for the website. Keep us in your prayers. We need all of our equipment to keep working properly and, eventually, we will need to purchase other equipment and may need to bring on some additional help to assist Brandon with the post-production process. All in the Father’s time but, in the meantime, we hope you will enjoy the new teachings. 

On This Day

On that production note, I want to revisit something I alerted you about several weeks ago. We had recently filmed updated versions of On This Day and were preparing them for viewing when we discovered we had experienced a major equipment malfunction. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to correct the situation and it looks like it will be some time before we can. So, as much as I hate to interrupt something we had committed to, we will have to continue posting the older versions of OTD for the time being. I apologize for the situation and I hope that we’ll be posting updated versions of the devotion in the near future.

Thank You!

Beth and I deeply appreciate all of you who write, call and post to offer your words of encouragement. We don’t always get to answer everyone but I assure you that we see every one. Also, thank you for your financial support, as well – you literally keep this ministry going. Please keep us in your prayers – lots of things happening and some of them we’ll be sharing with you soon. Until next time, know that we love you and thank God for you.


Bill & Beth


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