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I don’t know about you but I’m furious. I’m disgusted and sickened to see that America continues to trample upon moral boundaries that, at some point, will push us past the point of no return, if we haven’t already reached that point.  We flagrantly and repeatedly thumb our nose in the face of the Almighty and His standards. I have to wonder, at what point does He say, “Enough!”?

It has become obvious that the Left’s “Pro Choice” stance has nothing to with women’s healthcare but is about catering to a woman’s convenience.

The latest demonstration of our advance toward national nihilism that has so riled me is the position certain states have taken on the abortion issue. Vermont, for example, recently passed legislation that permits a woman to have an abortion at any point in the pregnancy and for any reason. The state of New York also passed similar legislation which Governor Cuomo promptly signed into law. I shuddered when I saw the video of legislators in the New York state house erupt in applause after the bill was passed. Such is our national disposition – celebrating death and spiritual lawlessness while scoffing at virtue and morality. 

It has become obvious that the Left’s “Pro Choice” stance has nothing to do with women’s healthcare but is about catering to a woman’s convenience. Perhaps it’s more appropriate to say, it’s about eliminating the perceived inconvenience of carrying a child for nine months and a lifetime of caring for the child. That path would require people to take responsibility for their decisions and, in this current “New Green Deal” environment, responsibility is considered to be anathema. No two ways about it – the Democratic Party champions the lazy and irresponsible and has, now, devolved into a death cult. Their collaborators include the leftist media who provide cover for them and the Hollywood elite who, with great delight, disseminate pro-abortion propaganda to the masses.

This pro-death position became crystal clear this week when the Senate blocked consideration for a measure that would punish any doctor who fails to provide medical care to a child born alive after an attempted abortion. The “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act,” proposed by Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska, failed to garner the required 60 votes necessary to advance the process. All but three Democrats voted against the measure, essentially aborting it before it had a chance to live – how appropriate!

The nay votes, all Democrats, totaled 44 – a fact I find to be fascinating. The reason is this: because every letter in the Hebrew alphabet has a numerical value, consequently, every Hebrew word has an associated numerical value. The value 44 would be written in Hebrew as מ mem and ד dalet. Together these two letters form the Hebrew word דם dawm which is the word for “blood.” I can’t help but think that God is speaking to all of us through these 44 demented politicians and saying, “America has blood on her hands!”

True, it was blocked by these people in particular, but the Republican Party doesn’t deserve a free pass on this issue. When they had the majority in both houses of Congress they failed to take strong action on the abortion issue. They could have taken measures to defund the cancerous growth in America’s soul called Planned Parenthood but did not. Furthermore, too many believers have sat idly by allowing the carnage to continue unabated. As a nation, we are guilty.

These 44 are on record as saying that they do not recognize the fundamental truth that was introduced in the very beginning of Creation which is – the Almighty is Life and thus is about life and the preservation of life. The Adversary and those through whom he works promote death. They have pitted themselves against the Almighty who will, in due time, avenge the blood of the innocent. When Cain murdered his brother, Abel, it was the voice of innocent blood that cried to Him from the ground (Gen. 4:10) meaning that the Giver of Life takes note of those who have been victimized. Likewise, He takes note of those who perpetrate the injustice of murder and violence against the innocent. One day many Americans and, for that matter, people of other countries will awaken to find that He has said, “Enough!”

At that time, the guilty will be delivered into the hands of the Avenger of blood and answer for their atrocities (Deut. 19:12-13).  He will go through the land seeking recompense for all of the innocent blood shed by the hands of the Godless. I suspect that His justice will not spare those who have averted their eyes from this issue even if they have not participated directly. In other words, if we know that murder is being sanctioned by the government, we have a duty to make our voices heard and take proper and legal steps to put an end to this atrocity. I would suggest that the time has come for God’s people in America to say, “Enough!” This must stop. May Heaven help us to stand for righteousness as never before.




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