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Greetings friends.

Once again, I hope that this finds you all doing healthy and prosperous.

On This Day

Okay, so I’ll get to the bad news first. We recently filmed the next month’s On This Day devotions and were preparing them for viewing when we discovered we had experienced a major equipment malfunction. Consequently, the new OTDs will be delayed for several days until we have time to correct the situation. In the meantime, we will be posting the older versions (the ones where I was skinnier) until we can get the newer ones ready for you to view. I apologize for the situation and hope to have it reconciled soon. You can also check out the latest OTD on the blog section of our website at www.billcloud.com/blog.

Shabbat Celebration

Now for the good news. Tomorrow we will meet, once again, at 2:00 PM in Cleveland, TN for our Shabbat Celebration. Brandon and Melody will be leading in praise and worship and I will be sharing a message with you. We will meet at The Dwelling Place, located on Urbane Rd just past OCI on the left, for those of you familiar with the area (complete details are at www.billcloud.com). The last time we met, our area was experiencing torrential rains and widespread flooding. Amazingly, the attendance was great! We’re hoping that many of you will join us tomorrow and, if you can’t, make sure to join us online. We’ll be live streaming the meeting on our Facebook page and on our YouTube channel.

Brandon has informed me that we now have the software that allows us to put the powerpoints for the songs and liturgy on the Livestream. If all goes well, we’ll have that available for all of our online community. By the way, we had an impressive amount of viewers join us last time and are believing for even more to join us this week. With that in mind, we hope to continue improving the Livestream as finances allow, and so, if you are enjoying the services online and are so inclined, you can support our efforts. You can make a one-time gift at www.billcloud.com/donate or you can help the cause by texting “GIVE” to (615) 823-8827. Obviously, there are no requirements to join the Livestream, but we would truly appreciate your assistance.

Your support will not only help us upgrade the Livestream experience but will also help us find a home for the fellowship. Beth and I have committed to developing a congregation that meets consistently and we feel it would help our efforts if we could find a permanent “home” to meet in. We have contacted a local realtor that we are acquainted with and asked him to put the word out that we’re looking for a place to meet. We are trusting that the Father will show us the next step in this journey and bring us to the perfect location. We would appreciate your prayers in this matter and, if you are so led, consider helping us be prepared to make this move financially.

If the weather permits, we will have a time of refreshments and snacks and, so, if you are intending to participate in that, please note:

  • No foods that require refrigeration or warming.
  • Bring biblically clean foods (i.e. no pork, shellfish).
  • We will supply paper goods and ice.

Eating/drinking will occur under the carport of the church. We will discourage eating in the church building and anything other than water is absolutely forbidden in the Sanctuary. We want to properly represent the Messiah in every way including how we treat the building we are being permitted to use. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Once again, we will not be able to provide any type of childcare and so, parents, please be sure to guide your children accordingly. We want to always be considered  as family-centered and family-friendly but always, always, be respectful of others and their property.

Passover Is Coming!

On Friday, April 19th, Beth and I, along with Brandon and Melody, will host our first ever community Passover Seder. We will celebrate together at the Athens Regional Convention Center in Athens TN. We will begin at 6:00 PM on Erev Shabbat with praise and worship, led by Brandon and Melody followed by the seder and the meal. Dinner will be professionally catered and all the elements, including a Haggadah for all the adults, will be provided. Tickets go on sale tomorrow (March 9, 2019) at 6 PM and must be purchased before midnight on Monday, April 15, 2019. Everyone must obtain an advance ticket in order to attend. No tickets will be sold after that date and will not be available at the door. Tickets will be available at https://lift-up-your-head-passover-2019.eventbrite.com.  We can only accommodate up to 200 people so don’t delay in obtaining a ticket for you and your family. See complete details at https://billcloud.com/events/athens-tn/. We’ll be posting lodging information for our out-of-town friends soon.

On Saturday, April 20, we will host our Shabbat Celebration at the same location and begin at 11:00 AM. We will break for lunch around 1:00 (refrigeration will not be available and remember, unleavened bread only please). We will resume our meeting at 2:30 PM and will continue until the evening. Tickets are not required for the Shabbat Celebration and you don’t have to be at the Seder to join us on Shabbat. Hope to see you there. This year in Athens!

Beth and I deeply appreciate all of you who write, call and post to offer your words of encouragement. We don’t always get to answer everyone but I assure you that we see every one. Also, thank you for your financial support, as well – you literally keep this ministry going. Please keep us in your prayers – lots of things happening and some of them we’ll be sharing with you soon. Until next time, know that we love you and thank God for you.


Bill & Beth


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