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The Year of the Woman?

2018 was touted as the Year of the Woman, in large part, due to the record number of women elected to Congress. You may remember that this was the one thing addressed by Trump in his State of the Union that all of the white-clad democratic women rose from their seats to applaud and high-five. I found it interesting, even disgusting, that many of them could not respond in this manner when Trump acknowledged WWII veterans, wounded police officers and agents from ICE. Trump even garnered a few moans and boos when he spoke in defense of human life, particularly those who were unborn. In the final analysis, the only thing these women could unanimously applaud was themselves.

Some historians have compared 2018 with 1992, another so-called “Year of the Woman” due to the fact that, then as now, record numbers of women were elected to public office. Then, it was attributed to the fallout from the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. In case you don’t remember, Thomas had to endure baseless and ridiculous accusations of sexual harassment brought forth by one woman. Many believe that the Me Too movement, in conjunction with the embarrassingly unjust Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, played a huge role in the 2018 election outcome. Frankly, I don’t doubt it. In fact, I’d say it is likely because, in this current political environment, being a male who functions as a male is proving to be dangerous in certain circles.

I have no problem with assertive and talented women; I’m married to one. I have no problem with women holding elected office if they are qualified to do so (I voted for a woman who now serves as one of Tennessee’s US Senators). I do have a problem with the progressive and Godless agenda that several of these newly elected women have put forward. For instance, the self proclaimed Democratic-Socialist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the youngest person elected to Congress, has proposed the so-called New Green Deal. Essentially, it is a proposal that the U.S. Government take control of every aspect of our lives. I have to say that I was elated to hear Trump’s statement in the SOU: “America will never be a socialist country. We were born free and we will stay free.” I hope that it stays that way.

Then there’s Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, the first two Muslim women elected to Congress. Both of these women have already exhibited vulgar attitudes and language toward the President, Israel and ICE, just to name a few of their targets. To their credit, they do seem to faithfully represent Islamic values particularly where Israel and America are concerned; the problem is, that doesn’t bode well for America. As if that isn’t enough, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand are three of several Democratic women who are planning to run for president in 2020, no doubt, intending to finish what Barack Obama started – a complete and ruinous transformation of America. 

Suffice it to say, I am alarmed about the encroaching threat that these women in particular pose to our nation and, more importantly, to believers in Messiah. Make no doubt about it: at the heart of these socialist, anti-American and anti-Israel agendas is a disdain for the God of Israel and His people and, particularly, those who are male. Have you stopped and wondered why so many women are rising up against Godly standards and why men are being castigated and, socially at least, castrated? I think I have an inkling.

When God came into the garden looking for Adam who, along with his wife, had hidden among the trees, He asked him, “Have you eaten from the tree of which I commanded you that you should not eat?” (Gen. 3:11) Adam’s response was, essentially, “She made me do it.” God then addressed the woman who, of course, passed the buck onto the serpent who was then abruptly reprimanded and cursed (Gen. 3:15). Then the Creator said to the woman:

“I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception; In pain you shall bring forth children; your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you. (Genesis 3:16)

Here’s the question: What did He mean when He said, “Your desire shall be for your husband”? Frankly there are a myriad of interpretations as to what this was intended to convey. Most theologians land on the interpretation that says she would “greatly desire to have a husband” that would lead her. I won’t dispute that interpretation because I know of many women who greatly desire to have a righteous husband that fulfills his role to lead his family as priest and protector.

But as with many passages of Scripture, this statement may also imply something entirely different without negating the other. In other words, many verses of Scripture can have a positive and a negative connotation. Where this statement is concerned, the Hebrew text could be understand to say that the woman would desire her husband’s place and position. In other words, she would long to abandon her role and assume his, which would infer that he would be relegated to her role as helper. That may, in fact, be why the Creator clearly reaffirmed, “And he shall rule over you.” Just in case you think I’m making this up, consider this NLT rendering of this verse.

“And you will desire to control your husband, but he will rule over you.”

For the sake of the argument, let’s assume that this translation is not so far-fetched. Let’s consider the possibility that God was insinuating that what had just happened – the woman encouraged the man to eat the forbidden fruit – would set a precedent for the future of mankind. That is, there would be a desire among some women to assert themselves to the point of leading their husbands and eventually assume his role rather than submitting to his leadership. Now before all of you ladies tar and feather me, listen to what God said to the man:

“Because you have heeded the voice of your wife, and have eaten from the tree of which I commanded you, saying, ‘You shall not eat of it’: Cursed is the ground for your sake.” (Genesis 3:17)

My primary point is this: the bigger issue is not what the woman did but what the man didn’t do. In this case, Adam disobeyed God in deference to the voice of his wife. True, she was deceived, but Adam knowingly and, apparently, willingly allowed sin to enter into the world. So when God told Eve, “Your desire shall be for your husband,” He alluded to a problem then that affects us now. Adam had, at some point and to some degree, abdicated his role as priest and protector which subsequently allowed for the conversation between the woman and serpent to take place. Furthermore Adam, “who was with her” (Gen. 3: 6), did not attempt to step in and protect her from the verbal seduction of the serpent. In effect, he left it to her to make decisions that she should have never had to make. Consequently, Adam established a precedent that has haunted mankind to this very day.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the world is moving toward women assuming the role of men in the home, workplace and, now, in the halls of Congress. It is also clear that fueling this movement is a general disdain for men; we are being told to “sit down and shut up.” There are some individual cases where this criticism is justified but, in most cases, I will argue it is because men have abdicated the role of priest and protector given to them by the Almighty. Some of you might not like this but you’ll have to take it up with God; in regard to her husband, He said to the woman “He shall rule over you.” He didn’t intend that to mean, “He will lord over you as a tyrant” but that the woman should look to the man to lead the household, physically and, most importantly, spiritually.

I realize that some ladies will take issue with what I’m saying, but I stand by this principle: God made mankind male and female for a reason, and the roles should not be perverted. One part of that plan established that it was the man’s responsibility to be the priest, provider and protector. The woman was and is to help him fulfill that God-ordained role, not walking behind him with head bowed but beside him as an equal component of this divine relationship. Sometimes that means she must oppose him – not to undermine his authority but to provoke him to correct his ways and walk in that authority. The opposition and correction she provides should be intended to get him back on the right track so that he might fulfill his role as leader of the home.

Considering all of this, might it be that the “Year of the Woman” is not something to be celebrated as much as it should be a wake up call for God’s people, and Godly men in particular? In other words, men, it is time for us to cease delegating ALL spiritual matters to our wives. Yes, they have an extremely significant and irreplaceable role to play in the lives of our families, but so do the men. More specifically, providing food and shelter is not the only responsibility given to men. We are also charged with keeping the enemy out of our garden, and that means leading our families in spiritual matters and protecting them from wicked influences. Please do not misinterpret my message: I rely heavily on my wife, and I confess that she is the glue that holds our household together. I couldn’t function properly without her. Yet, it should also be that she can’t function properly without me doing what I’m supposed to do.

Why are so many woman now assuming roles that have long been considered the domain of men? In general, because we have abdicated our role as priests and protectors of our homes, our congregations, and our nation. We allowed the serpent to slither in and seduce our society into believing that the fruit from a deadly tree will make us wiser. It is past time for righteous men to step up, speak up, and man up! Quit delegating our responsibilities to our wives in order that they may fulfill their God-ordained role. When possible and prudent, assist those single mothers who are struggling to be both provider and nurturer to their children. May God grant that we become men who lead with a strong arm and a gentle hand.

Our past dereliction of duty has encouraged and continues to foster a firestorm of resentment and aggression toward men. I am convinced that it is our apathy which has contributed greatly to the rise of women like Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, and others. God help us if Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and others like them are the future of this country. If we, as men of God, fail at home, you can be assured of it.




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