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Greetings Everyone.

Well, tomorrow is the day. We are hosting a meeting here in Cleveland this weekend and are anticipating a great time and a full house. The response has far exceeded our expectations and we are anxious to see what the LORD will do in and through this meeting. I’ll share more details about that in a moment.

The Return of On This Day

If you haven’t heard, this past week On This Day returned with a fresher look thanks to Brandon and a close friend who loaned us her kitchen for a day of taping. Since we decided to remove On This Day from our Facebook page and current website, so many have been asking, “When are you going to bring it back?” Well, the answer is “Now.”

We had recycled the former recordings for so many years that we felt it was long overdue for a makeover. Of course, filming 365 videos takes time and so we couldn’t offer the new version right away, hence its absence. Though we will continue posting a printed version of the OTD in the blog section of our site, beginning this past Wednesday, we started posting the video version in the “Watch” section, as well as on Facebook and our YouTube page (by the way, please go and subscribe to our YouTube page if you haven’t). We hope you will enjoy the new look (except for the fatter Bill) and be blessed by the content. 

We have other developing plans for www.billcloud.com, things that will take a little time to bring to fruition, and are excited about getting them online. Currently we have five new teachings “in the can” and about to enter the post production phase of the development process. Next week we will film two more, one of which is an updated version of a long-time favorite among our friends. I’m excited to announce this one but I’ll wait until it’s actually done. The point is, there is a lot going on and some great content coming your way. 

Clearance Items

In order to make room for the new, we need to clear out some of the old. We have just added two more titles to our clearance section on the web store: Come Out of Her (both audio and video versions) and Engraved in Stone, Written in Our Hearts. Both of these albums are great teaching resources and, through the years, we’ve received great feedback from many listeners. Eventually, some of this material will find its way into updated projects but, for now, these teachings are around as long as supplies last. 

Also, I wanted to remind everyone that we have a few more of the individual DVD albums, Returning To Our Roots. These are all of the programs we recorded for Son Broadcasting several years ago and released through DVD. Each album contains a minimum of 90 minutes of teaching (some are 2 hours and more) plus a data disc that contains my teaching outlines in PDF. These DVD albums are great for Bible studies and home fellowships, especially since the outlines can be printed off to share with everyone in the group. Supplies are dwindling so make sure to check out what is still available at https://billcloud.com/product-category/clearance/.

Cleveland Meeting

As I said at the beginning, Beth and I are hosting a meeting this weekend in Cleveland, TN. This is will be the first of, what we hope will be, many meetings throughout the year. Our plan is to meet on a consistent basis, perhaps as often as every other week, with the goal of establishing a fellowship in this area. That’s our plan and are believing that this is what the Father would have us do. However, we are already discovering that, if we are to do this, we will have to secure a larger space that will allow us to accommodate as many as would like to come. This weekend we are expecting close to 200 people in a room that would comfortably seat 150. Looks like we’ll have to learn to love one another in tight circumstances. So be praying for us to find “that place” that the Father has for us.

If you are coming, please be aware of a couple of things. First, we were told just yesterday that a funeral will be conducted in a different part of the church while we are meeting. That means parking MIGHT be an issue for a couple of hours. If you arrive and can’t find a parking spot, there is a large parking area across the street which is, unfortunately, a very busy road. If you are forced to park there, please be careful.

As I said, we are at capacity and, so if you have not contacted us about coming already, please understand that we likely don’t have room for you at this point. Hopefully our next meeting will be in a more spacious venue. To those who are coming, please note that we have decided to rent additional chairs and so I am rescinding the request for you to bring folding chairs. The church only had a limited number of chairs available and those who said they were coming were twice that number. and that’s why the call for chairs went out. But like I said, we have secured as many chairs as the room will hold and there is no longer a need for you to bring any chairs. Thank you for being willing to do so and forgive me for jumping the gun on that one.

As far as food, we will have some tables set up where your finger foods and anything that does NOT require refrigeration or warming can be placed. We do not have permission for  kitchen use and, so, any food items must be the sort that require no refrigeration or warming. As far as drinks, we are requesting that you bring water only. We don’t want to risk having spills on the carpet of this room (even though its a youth room) – we want to leave it in better shape than we found it. We are supplying paper goods – plates, cups, utensils, etc.

Though we are all about family and children, unfortunately, we can not provide any type of childcare. Every family must be responsible for their children and their conduct. We will strive to have some tables in the back of the room available for children to use IF there is need to do so. We realize that children have shorter attentions spans and need to move around and that is fine. We simply ask that, as the parent, be considerate of those around you, especially since it appears we are going to be fairly crowded. 

Finally, thanks to some long-time supporters, we can announce that we have secured the basic equipment we need to live-stream our meetings. Initially, it won’t be anything fancy but, at least, many of you scattered about will be able to join us via the internet. There is one proviso, however; we will be completely dependent upon the internet speed at the facility. It appears that it will be sufficient but we won’t know for sure until we’re actually in the room and ready to go. If you follow us on Facebook or have subscribed to our YouTube page, you should be able to watch the live stream. It is my understanding that you should receive notification that we are live but, just in case, look for us in one of those places at 2:00 PM eastern. Pray that all goes smoothly.

Now that those matters are addressed, I want you to know that Beth, I and the whole family are truly looking forward to getting to spend some time with all of you who are joining us this weekend. Melody and Brandon will be leading in praise and worship, I will be teaching and Beth will be there to keep us all straight (kidding – kind of). To those who are going to be with us this weekend and to those who can’t join us, we are deeply grateful for your support, both financially and prayerfully. We kindly request that you continue to bring our name before the Almighty – that He would lead and guide us in the path that He has ordained. Blessings to all of you and your loved ones. Till next time.     




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