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Ok. Maybe I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill but I heard this report on the radio earlier today and thought I’d look a little further into what was going on. In short, it would seem that the San Francisco Bay area is experiencing an economic boom in the technology field and, consequently, some of the 99-percent crowd are having a fit. Apparently, what it boils down to is that some are feeling left out of this boom and are protesting against those who are making more money than them for … well, for making more money than them.

It centers around companies like Google busing many of their city-dwelling employees to the work site some 30 miles away. These buses have, apparently, become a symbol of what some on the left see as the fundamental problem in America – a lack of social justice; “they have and I don’t have.” The opposition blames companies like Google and their “wealthy” employees for rising housing costs in the city. Apparently, more people are moving into the Bay area because of well-paying job opportunities which is causing the demand for housing to rise and, consequently, the price with it. Hmmm. Imagine that! [Read article at link below]. 

Google Bus Protest

Here is why I thought this was of interest; the disdain that some have for others who are prospering is an example of the same battle we have seen being waged for several years now in the guise of “Occupy Wall Street,” the so-called 99% or, as the mainstream refers to it, the fight for social justice. In reality, what they mean by the term is an eventual elimination of distinct classes – everybody on the same level playing field. To attain that goal requires something most of them won’t admit to publically but it is what it is – class warfare – which is Marxist to the core. Because one group has and the other group doesn’t have, those who are prospering should be made to relinquish some of what they have and pay their fair share (where have I heard that before?) so that all will be equal. [Note: Remember the Adversary tempted Eve, in part, with this same line: “God has something that you don’t and you deserve to have it too; just eat of this tree and you’ll find out.”]

Here is why I think it is important for you and I to take note of this. At the end of the torah portion Vayigash (Gen. 44:18-47:27) you will see that the Egyptians had sold everything, including themselves, to Pharaoh. The Hebrews, on the other hand, had properties and were prospering – they had and the Egyptians did not. Later, a king arose who didn’t know Joseph and under his rule “the Egyptians (not Pharaoh exclusively) made them serve with rigor and made their lives bitter with hard labor” [Ex. 1:13-14]. Might it be that Pharaoh was able to employ those who had sold themselves to him in exchange for provision against those he had deemed as dangerous to his reign and kingdom – i.e. God’s people. Perhaps, he exploited the “have-not” status of the Egyptians and, with carefully orchestrated words, agitated their angst and convinced them that the blame for their condition lay at the feet of those who prosper; again, in this case, God’s people. In other words did Pharaoh, like Hitler, with great skill and oratory, cultivate the discontent of the masses, promise them hope in exchange for their loyalty and then sent them to do his bidding?

Why did so many in Washington endorse and support the Occupation movement and, yet, accuse Tea Party members of being racists and even terrorists? Were they not both protesting to advance their political positions? Consider also that, during the Google bus protest, a union plant was on the bus pretending to be a “wealthy” Google employee who taunted the protesters with words obviously intended to incite rage and – who knows – maybe violence. What would unions possibly have to gain by supporting this protest? Honestly, I don’t know but, anyway you look at it, whether willfully or unwittingly, this particular union was playing the role of foot soldier in a grander, more extensive campaign. Just look at some of the benefits many unions are getting from Washington; benefits that most Americans will not get but, in most cases, will end up paying for.

IRS Will More Closely Scrutinize Non-Profit Organizations

American conservative groups are being harassed and, apparently, there is no intention of letting up, yet some unions are being given a pass. [To read complete story, read link below.]

IRS Intends to Curb Political Activity

Unions Pressing for Higher Minimum Wage for Fast Food Workers 

In the meantime, it would appear that unions are busy inciting protests against businesses in favor of an untenable minimum wage. [To read complete story, read link below.]

Union-backed Protests in Seattle

Unions Given Obamacare Waivers

And where Obamacare is concerned, many unions and their members are given a waiver, making it extremely advantageous to join their ranks – that is if you’re concerned about how you are going to afford healthcare in the age of Obama. [To read complete story, read link below.]

[Footnote: history records for us that many Germans and Austrians found it advantageous to join the Nazi Party in the Hitler era in order to receive certain exclusive benefits. That is NOT to say that anyone or everyone in an union is a Nazi, un-American, etc. It is just to say that some Union bosses do not have its member’s best interests in mind and, in times of desperation, many people will take the path of least resistance in order to survive].

Some Unions Are Expected To Receive Waivers From Obamacare

In an un-related but interesting article, one can see that being part of a union does have its benefits – sometimes even for criminals. [To read complete story, read link below.]

Child Pornographer Can’t Be Fired Because of Union Contract

I guess what I’m trying to say through all of this is that the events, the circumstances and the mindset of people that we see today is reminiscent of what we see in Scritpure as it describes the events leading up to the ten plagues and subsequent departure of Israel from Egypt. Pharaoh had his taskmasters carry out his dirty work, initially by placing heavy tax burdens on the Hebrews and, so, it will be interesting to see if and how the IRS will go after those that Washington views as “dangerous.” Likewise, it will be interesting to see how different unions will be utilized by the government (at least those unions sold out to Washington) in order to support its ever-expanding intrusion into and control over people’s lives. Remember, Pharaoh of old made the Hebrews to be the internal threat, the troublemakers, and then coerced others to carry out his ultimate plan to subjugate God’s people. Make no doubt about it – lines are being drawn; loyalties are being purchased and “troops” are being conscripted.

This information and my observation is not intended to provoke us to cast our gaze upon and obsess over what the enemy is doing or might be doing. To the contrary, we observe what the enemy is doing in order to consider how it might reveal to us what the Father is doing and is getting ready to do. Remember the Adversary does nothing that the Father doesn’t allow. So then, it is NOT the time to panic It is time to decide who we shall serve. It is time to decide which side of the line we are on and who shall receive our loyalty and devotion.

O LORD God of Israel, please help us ALL to faithfully serve you in the midst of peril and uncertainty!




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