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End Time Observation: The Perfect Storm?


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Recently, the cover of Newsweek Magazine asked this question in relation to the many events engulfing the world: “What is going on?” The problem, for them, is not failing to discern that something is going on; no, their problem is not being able to discern what it all means. While the deadliest tornado outbreak since the 1920’s ransacked much of the southeastern U.S., media outlets were obsessed with the Royal wedding. Y’shua likened the days preceding His return to the days of Noah when men were, “eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marriage.” They didn’t know what hit them. Likewise, this generation continues on as crisis after crisis builds – political unrest in the Middle East; violence along the U.S. – Mexican border; record breaking droughts, storms and floods; and the renewed threat of terrorism with the death of Osama bin Ladin. All this and more leads one to consider that these events are about to merge into one big, “perfect storm.” (Approximately 45 minutes).


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